Tips for high school seniors

Amaya White ‘22, Montclair State University

It’s getting to that time of the year where many high school seniors have decided where they’re going to school and have a hard time finding the motivation to complete school work. However, just because you’ve been accepted into college doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t continue to work hard in school. If anything, these next few months can determine whether or not you’ll be able to attend your college the following year. Here are some tips to avoid the trap of senioritis.

1. Don’t Procrastinate

If you were to get the flu would you just wait until it went away or would you try to treat it immediately? It becomes easy to lose motivation during your last few months of school, however, if you avoid doing work for a period of time it will just pile up and get worse. A way to avoid this is to establish a list of short term goals and long term goals. This can help you identify the most important task that you need to complete regarding school. It also feels so nice to check items off your to-do list when you’re finished.

2. Limit Your Outings

Senior year has some of the most exciting moments of your high school career, yet not completing work can prohibit you from being involved in senior activities. So before agreeing to spend another afternoon hanging out with your friends, analyze whether or not you’ve completed all your work. 

3. Remember How Far You’ve Come

I’m sure you’ve spent the last twelve years grinding in school for the highest grades and accolades, so don’t waste your last year giving up. Continue to push through, write those papers, and complete your final projects. Don’t let all your years of schooling go to waste just because you know what school you’re attending.

4. Colleges Can Change Their Minds

Just because you’ve been accepted into your dream school doesn’t mean they can’t change their mind about accepting you. College’s look at your final transcript which includes all of your senior year grades. If they see that you gave up in the last few months that doesn’t look very good for you. You want to show colleges that you’re a dedicated hard-working student who always strives for success.

Although the senior year may seem like all fun and games, you have to continue to work hard in order to maintain your status as an incoming student at the college of your choice. Remember that you’ve already completed eleven years of schooling, what’re a few more months going to do for you?