Future in Real Estate

Amaya White ‘22, Montclair State University 
I had the opportunity to ask my friend Randall from high school about his real estate major and his experience at Georgia State University. Continue reading to find out more information on what it’s like to be a real estate major. 

Choosing my major

Real Estate. This major educates those looking to participate in the commercial real estate industry. Students are provided with an understanding of the phases of real estate activity, the economics of each investment situation, and the forms of business and professional service that support real estate investment.

Why Real Estate

I became interested in investing after reading Rich Dad Poor Dad, which led me to the world of commercial real estate investing. My major advisor has helped me map out my course schedule leading up to graduation.

My experience in high school also led me in the direction of the business, within which I found real estate.

Favorite class

I won’t take my first real estate course until next semester; however, my favorite business-required course was Macroeconomics. My professor was great, and I received great information about the economy.

Friends with the same major

My closest friend here at Georgia State is also a real estate major. His liking for this major also stems from the investment opportunity commercial real estate provides.

Q: What does your future look like?

I’m aspiring to be a founder of a real estate investment firm specializing in multifamily (apartment buildings). We will be in the business of syndication, which is the pooling of money from passive investors in order to purchase large assets that would be otherwise hard to acquire individually, such as apartment buildings. What’s great about the commercial real estate industry is that there are several aspects to the business. One could enter property management, development, lending, brokerage, or private equity. My major will prepare me for life after school by providing me with technical knowledge and demonstrating my interest in real estate to employers.

Curriculum setting

I’ve taken financial & managerial accounting, microeconomics, macroeconomics, corporation finance, marketing, and computer information systems. These base-level courses are required for all business majors at GSU.

Common misconceptions

People tend to associate real estate with residential activity like single-family fix and flips, but the area of study is actually focused on commercial real estate, which is income-producing property used for investment purposes.

Career Goals

If you want to major in real estate, your options may be limited as not every university offers this track; however, a real estate degree isn’t required to enter the industry.

Related majors

Some related majors are economics, finance, marketing & Geographic Information Systems). My original major was business economics before I switched to finance, keeping economics as a minor. In Fall 2019, I decided to add real estate to my degree and double major in finance and real estate.