Orientation Week

By Osin Ghimire, Holy Cross ‘22

First Days at Mount St. James

One of the best decisions I made was arriving on Mount St. James where the beautiful College of the Holy Cross is, a week before everyone else through a program for first-generation and multicultural students. Not only did I get to make friends with people who come from diverse backgrounds, but I also got to move in earlier and get use to the campus.

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Traditional Extracurricular Activities

People Enjoying Extracurriculars

By Jay KC, CollegeFindme Intern

We all know how colleges love applicants who do extracurricular activities, and in turn, students do them to impress colleges. That made us decide to create a guide of traditional extracurricular activities colleges look for in a student within the college application process.

School Sports

Colleges love people that do sports. I know some of you guys might wonder “what is so appealing about running around a field or court?” Colleges look at sports as a place where students can nurture their leadership skills. In sports, leadership styles from being vocal to quietly setting the example are demonstrated and developed. The most exemplified aspect of sports in high school is responsibility. Colleges like students athletes who are capable of balancing their time between two things without affecting one another, especially two strenuous activities like school and sports.

After-School Clubs

After-school clubs and sports are 1A and 1B when it comes to what colleges look to in a student. Like sports, after-school clubs can develop both leadership skills and responsibilities in a similar way. Sometimes colleges prefer an after-school club because an after-school club is potentially educational: Model UN, JSA, Debate Team, Language Club, or any of the Performing Arts (Theater, Screenplay, or Music). These clubs can continue onward in college life, and colleges take pride in their out of school activities.

Volunteer Hours

Colleges like students who volunteer because it shows that they care about their community. Colleges want their ideal student to reciprocate that same enthusiastic energy to their college, so they care if an applicant does community service. One simple way to do this is to go to a faculty hours for helping them with tasks during lunch, before school, or after school member in your high school and ask if you could get any volunteer hours. More likely than not, the teacher will be willing to have someone help them with tasks in exchange for a few volunteer hours.

Part Time Job

Part time job

Colleges are always interested in students who work while going to school. It shows responsibility and commitment. Some options that are great for teens are retail or food service at malls, grocery stores, and restaurants. Those jobs are always abundant, flexible, and hiring teens to work there. This fit is perfect for a high schooler looking to add to their résumé or work experience.

The activities listed above are traditional extracurricular activities; they are more of the common ones. Although extracurricular activities are important in a college application, you don’t have to force yourself to do one that you don’t enjoy because the options are not limited to only these. Next week, Wiener will talk about non-traditional extracurricular activities that you might not have considered!


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Pura Vida – How to Make the Most Out of Your High School Opportunities!

By Jobed Elien, CollegeFindMe Intern

For many of you up and coming seniors this is the time to dive into the college process. Many of us will have to make decisions that will help further ourselves in the future. With only a couple weeks left in the last summer of your high school career there’s still a lot to be done. Take advantage of all the opportunities near you, so you can be more appealing to colleges.

I was blessed with an moment that not many students are given at their schools. I was given the chance to go to the Osa Peninsula in Costa Rica for eight days to help improve the community there. I wanted to go to Costa Rica to understand the high level biodiversity; in Massachusetts, we do not have as much as Costa Rica in our environment. I also wanted to learn about the Costa Rican culture because there are many differences between Haitian and Costa Rican culture. I hoped to better understand who I am as a person and understand a culture I am not accustomed too. I also wanted to implement another cultures’ beliefs into my lifestyle. Plus, I wanted to understand how biodiversity has an impact on every Costa Rican that lives in the Osa Peninsula, and know that we helped these people with something that is special to them.

The community needed help to improve tourism.We had different tasks to complete each day such as building speedbumps, sensory pathways, and collecting cameras that were capturing pictures of the wildlife. All these tasks would help make their environment an attraction to tourists and help their community. The roadblocks were made to help kids and adults feel safer. We had to make cement and road signs that had a speed limit. We also used the rest of the cement to fill in other potholes on the road. Another big project was the sensory pathway which allows tourists to interact with nature if they aren’t able to go into the rainforest. To do so we collected logs, sand, rocks, and plants to build a pathway that could help people understand the nature in the Osa Peninsula. We had to set up cameras and collect them a few days later to help display to people the wildlife in the rainforest. This helped them know if the ecosystem was in equilibrium.  Now after doing all this service I felt as though I made an impact on their community. It was great knowing that I was able to help the Costa Rican people even if I didn’t have much knowledge on the activities we were doing. But it was great to be reassured that my efforts made a huge impact on their community.

An aspect I will keep with me as I transition into my senior year is to keep an open mind, because there are many different things in life that I will have to deal with that I may not understand or agree with. But if I deal with these situations with an open mind, I can have a better outcome. In Costa Rica many people had to deal with new people in their environment, but instead of pushing us away they accepted us, and that allowed us to produce some great work. After many hours of work the leaders of each service would thank us with their beautiful smiles and hugs. Before playing a fun soccer match with the community they took time to tell us how much they appreciated the help we’ve given to pursue their goals. They told us how we would never be forgotten. Along with this beautiful speech they gave all of us a gift that they thought resembled ourselves on this trip. Seeing their community appreciate the environment around them made me realize that they’re richer than most people think, and that all comes from how a person views life.


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Finding Perspective

by Pilli Cruz, CollegeFindMe Intern

As my thoughts roam to college and what will become the beginning of a new life, I have started to reflect on my most recent experiences. Most specifically this summer. For late June and most of July, I took four of my best friends and embarked on a European adventure. We backpacked through five cities; London, Paris, Amsterdam, Copenhagen, and Hoor (Sweden).  

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Fear of Missing Out

By Wendy Wu, Harvard Graduate Student

When we think about college, apart from learning, one thing that comes to our mind is experience. This is certainly true for many international students who come to American universities and leave their countries for the first time. After years of hard work and preparation, high schoolers are eager to embrace their college life. But, how prepared are they?

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Harry Potter and JK Rowling’s Birthday

By Simarn Regmi,

It’s July 31st. This might be an ordinary day for muggles, but for those in the Wizarding World, it marks the birth date of the Boy Who Lived: Harry Potter. I have been a die hard Harry Potter fan since birth. I can read the series and watch the movies a billion times, buy ridiculous Harry Potter gear, and act like I have powers for days. Who wouldn’t want to go to Hogwarts and ride a flying car?!?!?!!! 

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Applying to Stanford

By high school intern Pilli Crus-De Jesus

Ever since I began to fathom life in college I knew where I wanted to go. To explain my dream college location it makes the most sense to begin in third grade. I was living in San Jose, California and had been my whole life. I had a plethora of aunties, grandparents and friends that I saw daily because my mom would come home late from school. Because of this I became very close with all of those family members. On days when I couldn’t go with my grandparents, my mom would bring my brother and I to her classes at Stanford. Here we would sit in and listen to the lectures which sounded like beautifully articulated poems of gibberish to my fourth grade mind. I loved the sound of the words and the passion that the teachers spoke with but like a little kid reading a picture book, I didn’t understand the story but still enjoyed reading it.

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