Experimenting with Chemical Engineering

Ashley Tong ‘22, Texas A&M University

My major is Chemical Engineering (or ChemE). ChemE combines chemistry, physics, mathematics, biology, and economics to design and make everything from medicines, fuel, car products, skincare products, makeup, and agricultural supplements. 

Choosing ChemE

I chose my major because I really enjoyed general chemistry and was really good at it. I took AP Chemistry in high school and I realized my love for the subject. But I knew I wanted to be in engineering, so I thought ChemE would be the best fit for me.

Friends in my major

I am friends with people in the same major, and what they like the most about ChemE is that our program is so small that we all know and recognize one another. We can help each other out, which is great

Career paths

There are so many career paths with chemical engineering. You can go to medical school, venture into the business side and do something like supply chain, or you can do process engineering, which is like industrial product design. 

I hope to be able to start my own company one day where I create my own makeup. Until then, I want to work with an engineering firm, preferably not in the oil and gas industry.

Tips for future majors

Do your research and keep an open mind. Don’t just go into a major for the money – pick something you would think you would actually like, even if it means taking a more unconventional path.