Tech Meets Business: My CIS Major

Nirmeet Bhogill ‘19, Cal Poly Pomona

My major is Computer Information Systems. I would describe my major as ‘the business of technology’. I actually came in as a Computer Science major, which is much more technical and consists of coding to create software programs. During my COM 100 class (general-ed communications), we had to present on an app of our choice. The process of researching the technology and industry, and then presenting to the class to convince them to invest in the app, was such an enlightening experience for me. I really, thoroughly enjoyed the project, which pushed me to change my major to CIS. I had discovered my passion for the business side of technology.

Favorite class

My favorite class I’ve taken within my major has to be Data Analytics/Business Intelligence. I really enjoyed it because we learned how to analyze data and interpret it in unique ways to gain new insights. I was really interested in this class because it taught me that solving a problem within a team or company is much more than just finding a solution and using it. It’s about analyzing different perspectives and also predicting which solution will be the best to be as prepared as possible.

What my friends think

I do have quite a few friends within my major. I think the most ‘liked’ part in my major is that it is the perfect medium between tech and business. Most people either do Computer Science or Marketing/Business. However, with CIS, you get the best of both worlds.

Career paths

There are a variety of career paths to choose from. CIS tends to emphasize solving business problems with computing technology. The vast field can include the development of strategic information systems, implementation of enterprise-wide systems, or creation of Web 2.0 apps. App development typically involves programming to build interactive web services. Information Security, or Cyber-security, involves learning to protect computer systems and networks from various attacks. The third main region of CIS is Business Intelligence, also called Data Analytics, which lets organizations make the best calculated business decisions based on data patterns and trends. In Data Analytics, you organize raw data to be interpreted by the core employees. These interactive graphs and charts provide insight into the company’s performance, and give the organization a more detailed explanation of what’s going on behind the scenes.

Life after college

I hope to go into technical product marketing with my major. I really enjoy doing product marketing/management, but specifically for technical products since I have a lot of knowledge about technology. My goal is to eventually be a part of top tier companies such as Google, Microsoft, Facebook, etc.

I think my major will prepare me for life after college because it’s given me a good foundation in technology. Since I want to go into business or marketing, especially for technical products, I think it’s really beneficial for me to have a strong curriculum knowledge of technology fundamentals.

Tips for future majors

Just because you aren’t super extroverted or outgoing, doesn’t mean you can’t do business. It’s such a common misconception, and honestly it’s one that I believed in too. I was quite introverted in high school, so I automatically thought business wasn’t for me. It involves being ‘naturally charming and enthusiastic’, which is true, but to an extent. Aside from the fact that your personality will definitely mature in college, you don’t need to be an extreme extrovert to do business. As long as you do what you enjoy and are passionate in, your true personality and dedication will shine through!