CollegeFindMe is hiring high school students to work remotely!

Gaining work experience while in high school is invaluable. The CollegeFindMe internship program is a great way to learn how to balance your school and work schedule, to gain confidence in your conversation skills, and to demonstrate your work ethic on your college application.

In this role, you’ll be responsible for inviting friends and classmates to complete profiles on the CollegeFindMe platform within a 3-week time period. Every Friday you’ll submit a report to CollegeFindMe of how many students you’ve reached out to.

You set your own goals and you will be compensated accordingly (see the chart below). You’ll also receive an internship completion letter.  


The following outlines how much you’ll be paid based on the number of students that complete the required profile on the CollegeFindMe platform. It’s important to note that each student you recruit must complete the required profile section on the CollegeFindMe platform in order for you to be compensated. If you recruit less than 5 students, you will not be paid.  

  • 5 students: $10
  • 10 students: $25
  • 20 students: $50
  • 30 students: $75
  • 50 students: $125
  • 60 students: $150
  • 75 students: $200


  • Must be a high school student. High school ID is required.
  • Demonstrate a high level of self-motivation and organization to achieve goals.
  • Good communication and social skills: personable and able to connect with other students.


  • Invite freshmen, sophomores and juniors from your high school to become members on CollegeFindMe. All students must complete the required profile section in order to be compensated.
  • Update a weekly progress report (template and instruction provided by CollegeFindMe) and submit to CollegeFindMe every Friday by 5pm EST.


How can I apply? When can I get started?

Click here to complete the application and someone from CollegeFindMe will reach out to schedule an interview if you’re selected to move forward. If you’re hired, you’ll sign a work agreement (under the age of 18 requires parental consent) and you’ll receive training by phone from a CollegeFindMe team member. Your start date begins when we receive your signed work agreement (and parental consent letter if required).

What happens if I don’t recruit 5 students within 3 weeks from my start date?

If you do not recruit five students to complete the required profile on the CollegeFindMe platform within 3 weeks of your start date, you will not be compensated.

Is it possible to get an extension for this project?

No extensions! Your 3-week work period starts on the day you sign your work agreement (including parental consent letter if under the age of 18).

How will I be compensated if the number of students I recruit is between two incentive levels?

Once 5 students have completed their required profile on the CollegeFindMe app, you’ll work towards the next incentive level. If you do not reach the next incentive level, you will receive $2 for each student who completes the required profile.

For example, if you recruit 18 students, you receive $25 for the first 10 students who complete the required profile, then you receive $2/student for the remaining 8 students that completed profiles. You’ll receive a total of $41 = $25 + ($2*8).

What happens if I exceed the maximum goal by recruiting more than 75 students?

When you exceed recruiting 75 students that complete the required profile, you will receive $3 per student that completes the required profile. For example, if you recruit 80 students within 3 weeks, your payment will be $215 = $200 + ($3*5).

Can I get an internship completion letter after the 3 weeks?

Yes, we’ll email you an internship completion letter if you’ve recruited at least 5 students with completed required profiles. We can also provide a recommendation letter upon request.

Anything else I need to know?

  • This is a project-based internship that requires you to work remotely and manage your schedule.
  • A parental consent letter is required for students who are under 18 on the day of signing the work agreement.
  • Payment is only for students that complete the required profile sections on CollegeFindMe. There will be no payment for incomplete profiles.

Any questions? Email [email protected].