Just another productive summer…


by Briti Prajapati, CollegeFindMe Intern

Cornell University; the name itself portrays a sign of achievement, excellence, and hard work. Thus, when I was accepted to Cornell University Summer College (CUSC), I felt as if my hard work in and outside of school paid off after all.

On June 24th when I arrived at Cornell University by myself, I felt very overwhelmed. I saw a lot of people around me with their families helping them move in and get settled for CUSC. Although I was very excited for the summer college and the course I would be taking, Public Health, I was already missing home and my family.

That day, all the students were invited to an ice-cream party so we could make new friends. I met a lot of people there and few of them became come of my good friends throughout the course.

Two days after the course finally started, the environment was very intense and rigorous. After we all introduced ourselves to the class, my professor told us that we will have a lot of reading homework, but no writing homework. I was happy in a way because there was no writing. I believed that I would be able to finish my homeworks easily because ‘it was just reading, how hard could it be.’

The first night I got two chapters for reading which was about 60 pages. As I continued to read and take notes that first night, the pages never seemed to end. Hours passed, I couldn’t just skim because I had an exam at the end of each week. I spent 6 hours the first night just doing the reading and taking notes. Additionally, I spent a majority of my time after class just doing the homework every day. Along with the reading homework, I also had a lot of group projects outside of class.


The three weeks I spent at Cornell taking Public Health were very rigorous. However, along with the stress, I enjoyed attending class every day and learning about fascinating facts in public health.

I got a lot out of this course and I feel so accomplished for passing the class with an A even though it included of 5-7 hours of reading every day, short dinner time, few hours of sleep, and even just talking about the content of the course while hanging out with my friends.

By attending this summer course, I was able to step out of my boundary by living away from my family, challenging myself by taking a rigorous course, and also travelling to Cornell University by myself.

I would totally recommend applying and attending a course available in CUSC as a high schooler because you are able to expose themselves to their career field even before college. Also, this experience helped me to become more open-minded, educated, and independent, and I hope it will have the same or even better impact on you.

Cornell University


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