Financial Aid Twitter Chat

On December 11, we hosted a Twitter chat to discuss all the ins and outs of financial aid with non-profit organizations, counselors, and colleges. Our contributors shared some great tips to help you understand how to get ahead when applying for grants, scholarships, and loans. Check out our questions and some of the best answers below:

Question 1:

When it comes to college financing, many students and their families are unsure where to begin. What are the initial steps in creating a financial plan?

Question 2:

With so many different types of financial aid available (grants, scholarships, work study, federal and private loans), what do borrowers need to know about these options and how are they different?

Question 3:

As they begin learning about financial planning, students need access to reliable resources. Where can they best find straightforward, comprehensive information about financial aid?

Question 4:

How do you suggest students figure out which financial aid option (or combination of options) will work best for them?

Question 5:

Financial aid planning goes hand in hand with the college admissions process. As students apply to colleges, what is the timeline to learn and apply for each type of aid?

Question 6:

What factors should students and their families consider as they compare each college’s school aid offer?

Question 7:

After securing financial aid, the work is not over. What advice would you give students to stay on top of their plans and payments throughout college?