A Future in Finance

Victoria Medina ‘22, Florida State University

Finance is all about the behind the scenes of a business! It includes how businesses make money, how they obtain the goods they are going to sell, and how they record all of this information in compliance with certain financial standards.

High school connections

High school really influenced my decision to pursue Finance. I was in a business club called DECA where  I completed a project called “Learn and Earn.” The whole concept of the project was to create a small business that would solve a problem in your high school. I competed with this project at both state and national levels, pitching my business idea to panels of judges. 

When I got to college and started taking business classes, I realized how fascinated I was with all the different parts that go into starting and running a business. This made me even want to start my own company! I soon settled on finance because of how much I enjoyed learning about the financial aspects of companies.

Favorite project

My favorite project I worked on for my major was filling out financial statements for a specific company. I really enjoyed seeing what a job might look like in the Finance realm in my future. Besides that, it allowed me to take a deeper look into everything a business does in order to run smoothly.

Future in Finance

I hope to work for a big corporation in their auditing sector after graduating. Further down the line from that, my dream is to own my own business. I plan to take everything I learn from my major and use it toward starting my own clothing company, or something in the fashion industry.

Common misconceptions

One common misconception about my major is it’s really hard and boring. I think it’s all about mindset. If you are interested in what you are learning and choose to put the time into it, nothing is as hard as it seems!

Career paths

There are many career paths available to those with a finance major. You can try stocks, commercial loans, financial analysis, investment advising, financial consulting, international trade, and so many more!

Tips for future majors

One major piece of advice I have for students looking to go into Finance is to not be scared of the hard prerequisites! I have talked to so many people who told me they don’t want to go into Finance or some other business majors because of the required math classes. I wouldn’t avoid a major that might help you achieve your goals just because a couple classes might scare you!