Gearing up for senior year

If I was given a dollar for every time someone asked me, “Where are you thinking of applying?”, I would probably only have about $1,000, but that’s besides the point. As I get ready for fall of senior year, the pressure is building up; going on college tours (trying to find the perfect fit), taking the SAT’s for the millionth time, working on my college essay, applying for scholarships, filling out the common application, this list could go on forever. Even writing out this list gives me anxiety, and makes this process even more surreal.

I have my mind set on going to New York City. The tall skyscrapers, people from all walks of life, and a concrete jungle where dreams are made of (yes, I am referencing Alicia Keys) calls my name. I can already imagine myself walking down Fifth Avenue or eating breakfast on the steps of the Met. It’s a city full of countless opportunities and diversity, where I see myself relating to others. You might be thinking why I would want to leave Boston, which has many prestigious universities left, right, and center. I love Boston and its people, but I think it’s time for me to be independent and explore away from home, to really discover who I am.

So who am I, what do I want to be? I am a 17 year old girl born in Nepal, raised in the United States. I am the proud co-founder of Blended, an all natural skincare company which I started with my best friend in our sophomore year of high school. This leads me to what I plan on studying in college: Business, Marketing and Psychology. I have always had a passion for business.

When I started doing The Possible Project, which is the entrepreneurship program that helped me create my business, it became a dynamic part of my life and is also why my partner and I are called the “dynamic duo.” I found myself really enjoying the marketing aspect of  business and persuading people to invest in us. Understanding my customers and knowing what they want, and how they think, makes me want to study psychology. How we think, behave, and why we think the way we do is so intriguing to me. My curiosity often leads me to do some self research as well as watching countless psychological thrillers.

This is my passion. Have you figured out yours? If not, that’s okay. That’s what college is for! You have plenty of time. I know most of you are as nervous, scared, excited, and hopeful as I am, and we can do this! It’s okay to be nervous, in fact, you should be! Do what you have to do to be your best, and trust the process. Whatever happens will be for the best, and just know that you did everything you could and you are amazing! I wish you all the best – good luck!