Be Appealing By Leading!

By Wiener Douyon, CollegeFindMe Intern

Leadership it’s in your DNA!

Leading is in your DNA, whether you know it or not. You have a series of qualities that make you, well you. So, why not show the world all these traits? By following this mini-guide, you will make yourself more appealing to colleges, while also boosting your self-esteem!

How can you be a Leader?

There are many different ways for you to display leadership in your school or community. Here are ideas on how you can be a leader!

Student Government

Whether your the class president or part of the prom committee, you can enhance your resume by holding any position. Here are the not-so-obvious areas of leadership that you could take part in:

  • National Honors Society
  • School Ambassadors

Publications Clubs

Not all leaders need to be able to speak in front of a crowd! These positions are for those who like to think the pen speaks volumes.

  • School newspaper
  • Literary magazine
  • Yearbook

Extra-Curricular/Community Positions

If you’re not in the school offices, these other areas are also great!

Leadership Opportunities

  • Math Club
  • Debate Club
  • Peer Tutoring
  • Athletics
  • Church-Led Positions (MC, Choir)



You may have noticed that most of these areas are skill specified. Depending on what your interests and hobbies, you can easily be a part of something that is fun and displays your leadership. On that note, you can always create your own opportunities if there are not many available in your community!

Finally, it’s important to know that actions are more important than titles. You don’t have to be the most important positions, just to contribute and make a difference. Besides, you already have the skills, just go out and be you!


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