Beyond Numbers: Applied Mathematics

Mateo Dordi ‘23, University of California Berkeley

I major in Applied Mathematics at UC Berkeley. It’s the application of mathematical methods by different fields such as science, engineering, business, computer science, and industry. I’ve always enjoyed doing math and it was something that came naturally to me so I decided to make it my major.

Favorite class

I am currently taking Math 53 here at Berkeley which is Multi Variable Calculus. In high school, I took AP Calculus AB/BC in the 11th grade which really peaked my interest for math. I enjoyed working through each problem and really understanding the fundamentals and basics behind each and every problem in math. It showed me the simplicity and beauty behind mathematics and its implications in our day to day life. 

Favorite project

Though I didn’t really complete any projects, I did work on proving a theorem in Calculus class which was really fun, even though it took my friend and I almost a week to complete it.

Major culture

The department is a little smaller than the big name majors, but there are still a plethora of facilities and research opportunities for math majors to pursue. There aren’t too many applied math majors I know here but a lot of people I know are taking the same level math class as I am. The few people that are majoring in math really love the faculty. They’re very helpful since it’s a smaller program compared to something like Computer Science.

Career goals

Math is in every single thing that you do. It teaches you valuable lessons and if you can get a math degree, you can pretty much do anything. I hope to eventually get into software and use the math knowledge I have to advance the company I am working at. Some other fields that math majors can get into include being Statisticians, Mathematicians, Math Professors, and basically anything Economics or Finance related.