Orientation Week

By Osin Ghimire, Holy Cross ‘22

First Days at Mount St. James

One of the best decisions I made was arriving on Mount St. James where the beautiful College of the Holy Cross is, a week before everyone else through a program for first-generation and multicultural students. Not only did I get to make friends with people who come from diverse backgrounds, but I also got to move in earlier and get use to the campus.

Move in day was a little stressful. Setting everything up and having 6 of my family members and my best friend come with me didn’t help but it felt good to be surrounded by familiar people. The next few days were packed with get to know you and get to know the campus activities. I started to make friends quickly and already knew a bunch of students from when I went to an overnight visit last year. I would highly advise that you get involved as much as you can even before you arrive so that you have people that you can talk to and hang out with. I also met my roommate early and got to know her a little and talk about our room before school officially started.



After my first week on campus, it was officially move-in day for all the other freshmen. Honestly, it felt really nice to have the campus to ourselves before everyone else arrived. I got to meet professors and upperclassmen that were great mentors and gave me insight about the upcoming years on the Hill. I was also able to make friends that I knew I would be holding onto and got to network with leaders from different on and off campus clubs.


Orientation week was super exhausting. All week long we would have special activities at night put on by the school in order for us to socialize with everyone and they were lots of fun. Even though the orientation week was very hectic, I still made sure to look for my textbooks before classes started. Be mindful that you are not in high school anymore so you do have to constantly check the syllabus for your classes because the professors are not going to tell you what’s due for the next class, you have to figure that out for yourself.



As hectic as those first two weeks were, I realized very early on that I was homesick. There were people that handled being away from home well but I wasn’t one of those people. It wasn’t even just being home that I missed, it was more the people. I started to find myself getting very sad and feeling like I needed to go home, so after the first two weeks, I did. It felt really refreshing to be home for the weekend. I got to visit my friends, see my family, and eat home-cooked meals. It is okay to miss home and to go visit but I knew that I couldn’t go home every weekend so when I got back to campus, I really tried to make it feel like home by doing little things like making my side of the dorm room feel like my room at home. I tried to find cool studies and hang out spots so that I can have a space other than my room that I could always go to.


Now that classes have started, I kind of feel like I have a handle on things and that I’m starting to find a good balance between my social and academic responsibilities on campus. Keep in mind that all the other freshmen in college are also going through this college experience for the first time so you are definitely not doing it alone although it might feel like it sometimes. Everything starts to work itself out and just remember that you don’t have to go through it alone, ask for help when you need it.



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