College Snapshot by Region: New England

Autumn is taking over America. There’s an explosion of flannel, hot cider and pumpkin spice latte’s, and with that comes college applications. CollegeFindMe is here to provide you with a snapshot of colleges all across the United States as you begin to explore the college application process. Our first featured region is New England! Stay tuned for more.


Clark University

JC and Red Square

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Cost and Academically Friendly Colleges: Rocky Mountains Region


University of Denver 

    • Tuition: $57,498 (With room and board)
    • Graduation Rate: 76%
    • Female/Male percentage: 55/45
    • Student/Faculty Ratio: 11:1
    • Acceptance Rate: 76%
    • Notable Alumni:
      • Peter Coors (C.E.O of Coors Brewing Company)
      • George Casey Jr (U.S. Army General)

Although the tuition is one of the highest on this list, Denver’s curriculum is among the top when comparing the other thousands of universities. Several of the academic buildings are newly renovated and tremendous for student learning. The university has taken a environmental initiatives to protect our world and make it a cleaner place.


University of Idaho


    • Tuition: $33,160 (Out-of-State with room and board)
    • Graduation Rate: 58%
    • Female/Male percentage: 47/53
    • Student/Faculty Ratio: 17:1
    • Acceptance Rate: 67%
    • Notable Alumni:
      • Sarah Palin (Former Governor of Alaska and Politician)
      • Mark Schlereth (Former NFL player and ESPN analyst)

If you’re looking for a college where you can explore the great outdoors, Idaho may be the place for you. With world-facilities and a great campus culture, students come together to do all sorts of activities. The university has programs at the undergraduate, graduate and professional levels. Idaho will tend to your every need during your stay at the university whether it’s research opportunities, internships or academic structure.


Montana State University

    • Tuition: $34,351 (Out-of-State with room and board)
    • Graduation Rate: 50%
    • Female/Male percentage: 46/54
    • Student/Faculty Ratio: 19:1
    • Acceptance Rate: 84%
    • Notable Alumni:
      • Steve Daines (U.S. Representative from Montana)
      • Mary Schweitzer (Famous paleontologist)

Montana wants to create an adventurous environment for students and give them an opportunity to work with the community. Through learning, discovery and responsibility, students excel in and out of the classroom while developing relationships with faculty members. Students have various options depending on the activities they’re interested in such as hiking, sports or even rodeo.


University of Utah 

    • Tuition: $39,959 (Out-of-State with room and board)
    • Graduation Rate: 62%
    • Female/Male percentage: 44/55
    • Student/Faculty Ratio: 17:1
    • Acceptance Rate: 81%
    • Notable Alumni:
      • Ed Catmull (President of Pixar Studios)
      • David Neeleman (Founder of JetBlue Airways)

The University has a great mix between academics and athletics. Many students participate in sporting events whether its football games on saturdays or basketball games. Known for its innovation and creativity, students find what they’re most interested in through discovery and learning.


University of Wyoming

    • Tuition: $28,921 (Out-of-State with room and board)
    • Graduation Rate: 54%
    • Female/Male percentage: 52/48
    • Student/Faculty Ratio: 15:1
    • Acceptance Rate: 98%
    • Notable Alumni:
      • Dick Cheney (Former Vice President of U.S. under George W. Bush)
      • Peter Schoomaker (35th Chief of Staff for the U.S. Army)

Students will often take trips to the well-known Yellowstone National Park because of its close proximity. With an undergraduate class of a little more than 10,000 students, there’s plenty of networking going on around campus. Whether it’s collaborating on a group project or sharing general thoughts, students are willing to connect with the community.






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Great Outdoors Schools

One way to capture the true beauty of the great outdoors is by taking a hike. Students can walk along the trail taking in all the beautiful colors and sounds of nature. Hiking is a great way to let go of everything going on in your life and relax. This is a great activity to do with multiple students because of all the interesting views around the trail. Although this can be dangerous at times, if you go with an experienced hiker they will know what to bring so everyone stays safe. Here are some colleges with an outdoors culture:

Thomas F Blue_Eyes KGS Massage sandra.d. Corinna Schellander


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Colleges with Excellent Off-Campus Housing

Although living on-campus is a great way to meet everyone, off-campus housing has its perks as well. If the college you choose is based in a major city, living off-campus is a great way to get in touch with the environment surrounding you. As a student, you can find hidden gems whether they be resturants, museums, or even park spots. Living off-campus builds a sense of responsibility and development into the real world. Whether it’s a mile or five miles from campus, finding a place to call your home gives any student a sense of achievement. Here are some colleges/universities that provide great off-campus housing.

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