Discover Schools with a Beach Scene

Do you grow up on a sea shore or frequently go to the beach? It would be a pain if go to college far from the beach. They’re a number of schools along the east and west coast near the beach. Being able to rub your feet in the sand or play volleyball with your friends are moments you will never forget. Nothing is better than catching some sun and going to college at the same time. Here are some colleges that near beaches:

Surfer running on the beach into the ocean with his board.

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5 Kept Secrets About Early Decision

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  • While millions of high school seniors are conducting their college search, they seem to find that one school that sticks out from the rest. Making the choice to apply early decision is based on you strong desire to become apart of that school’s student body. They represent everything you believe in and maybe a little more. If your grades and test scores are close to the requirements needed and have strong extracurriculars or vice versa, that dream school may not be a dream anymore. Students can attain this  based on the personality and character they exemplify during the interview or campus tour. Colleges/universities understand that every student has that aspect that separates themselves from one another. Many students are often on the cusp of their dream school and do not apply. If students are that close and choose not to apply, they could be missing out on the opportunity of a lifetime.  Applying early decision is for the students that are 100 percent sure this is the school for them. Be adventurous and reach for the stars. Grab a hold of those dreams and aspirations by applying early decision.

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