Sci-Fi Fantasy Scholarship Essay Competition

Do you enjoy writing? Do you enjoy telling science fiction and/or fantasy stories? Do you imagine worlds beyond reality? Well, look no further! CollegeFindMe is hosting a writing competition aimed at all you creative writers out there. The competition is simple: submit an original 650 word max sci-fi and/or fantasy story for the chance to win $500 and the opportunity to have your story published on our blog!

Here are the requirements:

  • A completed CollegeFindMe profile
  • The story is no longer than 650 words
  • Author full name on first line, centered title (doesn’t count towards word count)
  • Fits within the sci-fi and/or fantasy genre

The competition will run from Monday, April 2nd, to Friday, May 4th at 5:00PM EST. Email your stories to [email protected] to be entered into the contest. Submissions can be in the following formats: .doc, .docx, google drive link.

Meet the reader:

My name is Marc Leroux-Parra and I am the contest coordinator for this particular scholarship. I am an avid reader, writer, and editor, with a specialty for science [and speculative] fiction and fantasy. I eagerly look forward to reading all of the wonderful submissions I am sure we are bound to receive. I don’t have any particular style of writing which I prefer, but I do have some criteria which will help me make my decision:

  • Quality of writing (grammar, word choice, syntax, flow, figurative language, etc.)
  • Story and character development (plot holes, consistency, relatability, etc.)
  • Setting development (details, characterization, consistency, effectiveness of descriptive language, etc.)
  • Originality (Is it cliché? An original piece? etc.)

I hope all of you find this very basic rubric somewhat helpful in finding focus areas for your editing passes. Because the genres are so open ended, what ultimately matters are the stories themselves. I will be reading all of the submissions and taking detailed notes which I will be willing to share once the competition ends.

Good luck, and may the odds be ever in your favor.

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