Self Care in College

Amaya White ‘22, Montclair State University

After completing a busy week of classes, finishing homework, attending rehearsals, and having a social life, it’s important to find time to unwind and focus on yourself. At times, college can be stressful when dealing with so many tasks at once but it’s good to plan a moment at least one day a week or once a day for yourself. Personally I use my Monday mornings as my time to decompose and organize the rest of my week. Here are some of my favorite things to do to decompose!

Listen to a podcast

Lately, I’ve found it really nice to tune into podcast while cleaning my room or getting ready for the day. It’s as if someone’s having a dialogue with me in my room about something I’m interested in learning about or discussing. For instance, I’ve been listening to The Daily by the New York Times lately. They’ve been addressing everything having to do with the impeachment hearings and informing people about exactly what this investigation is supposed to solve. I’m really interested in listening to podcasts that are informative about my passions. Some of my favorite podcasts include The Ensemblist, The BE Way, and A Balancing Act which are all centered around being in the performing arts. 


I’m very interested in being crafty and organizing things so journaling has always been a fun task for me. I like getting artsy by drawing doodles and pasting pictures into my notebook. I’ll write about what inspires me, my growth in my classes, and my goals. I think it’s important to keep yourself accountable for all your dreams and aspirations and writing them all down in one place is a simple way of doing that. 

Treat yourself

Sometimes the dining hall just doesn’t cut it in college and you yearn to have something new for your taste buds. I recommend doing uber eats  or grubhub and ordering food that fuels your soul. My roommate purchases a smoothie bowl once a week because she loves fruit and there aren’t always many fruit options on campus. I enjoy spending a few dollars to get food that I don’t always have access to on campus because it’s something to look forward to when you’ve finished all of your work. 


I learned in a summer intensive that if you feel very low in energy it’s beneficial to do a guided meditation for ten minutes rather than nap. Napping can confuse your body and cause you to get less sleep when one goes to sleep at night. However, meditation almost always rejuvenates the body. So if you have a hectic schedule that only allows for a short amount of time for self care, I highly recommend doing a five to ten minute guided meditation


I’m fortunate enough to have a stove and an oven in the common area in my school and I love taking advantage of that. I love baking and cooking food! One of my favorite things to do with my friends is bake cookies and brownies. They’re so tasty!

Overall, find things that bring you joy and designate a specific time to do that at least once a week. It’s important that you remain a good student but it’s more important that you take time for yourself so that you don’t overwork yourself. Remember, you matter!