Senioritis: The Academic Pit of High School


By Wiener Douyon, CollegeFindMe Intern

You’re in class. The period has recently begun and you haven’t done your homework. The thought of waking up everyday becomes daunting as you spend the very last specks of your positivity staring at the accumulating workload, that is now the height of a skyscraper.

This sense of laziness has always lingered in the hearts of high schoolers. In fact, there is even a term for such a condition, especially among seniors. It is Senioritis. The Academic Pit of High School, where students rather stay in bed than to do work.

This guide will give you tips on how to not be a victim of such laziness. You will learn how to be productive among students who suffered from the fire fate of Senioritis! Let us begin!


Is there really a cure?

In many ways, Senioritis is involuntary. It affects us all, even those who are renown for being motivated scholars. So what can you do to stop senioritis from derailing you academically? The answer is easy:


You may ask yourself, “well doesn’t that make my conditions worse?” While that may be true at first, there are still many different forms of time management that could complement your desire to be lazy. Take me for example. Senioritis helped me endure through difficult times. I see it as a form of stress relief, a natural response to when we have accumulated too much stress, especially during senior year.


It can’t be that easy!

Well, the truth of the matter is, that for those who really want to work. Use your time wisely. Spend a few moments after school surrounded by teachers and other staff to work on assignments. Then use the remainder of the day doing things that you enjoy.


  • Time Management Organization
    • There are many different tools that you could use to prepare and mitigate senioritis. Some tools include Google Calendar, Notes, and Mobile Calendars. By having some sort of organization regarding time, you can have a better idea on when you will have to work vs. when you can be lazy.
  • Find your inspiration
    • Most of the time, people get affected from Senioritis because they are no longer motivated. If that happens, go back to what makes you motivated as a junior. That may be getting a good grade, or even working along with friends. The more you find your inspiration, the least likely senioritis will occur.


Final Tips:

Yes, Senioritis is a thing. Yes, Senioritis can negatively affect your GPA. However, it doesn’t have to. By simply embracing senioritis and following the tips, you can make senioritis less daunting.

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