Life of Food: Learning Meal Plans


By Wiener Douyon, CollegeFindMe Intern

For this week’s edition of blogs, we are writing a blog on meal plans, after hearing some of you ask what the different terms mean. 

When it comes to college meal plans, there are a lot of different options out there. Brochures and websites for colleges may use terms that a meal plan rookie won’t recognize, and each school will likely have a different combination of options. Here are the basics of meal plans, including commonly used terms.

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By Simarn Regmi


I was in Costa Rica, my phone was on 1%, and the wifi was terrible, yet I was scrambling to check my email. I heard that Brandeis released admission decisions and I was eager to find out. I had been disconnected from the internet ever since I had left the capital to go to the Osa Peninsula. My heart was beating really fast and I was nervous because who wouldn’t be?

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Applying to the Hill

By Osin Ghimire, a high school student intern at CollegeFindMe

From the moment my mom drove up to the hill, I knew. Instantly I could feel that chill of excitement as I started going up the stairs of Dinand Library with my best friend beside me. Following along the path of other students who came to attend the open house, I looked around and took in the beauty of the campus.

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How To De-Stress from College Applications

By high school intern, Simarn Regmi

Hey everyone, its intern number 3,234 haha, just kidding. After finally applying to my dream school and some early deadline colleges, I FEEL GOOD. I say that one minute and then quickly realize I spoke too soon considering the workload I get from my three AP classes this semester. However, I did take a break from college stuff for about two weeks, and I think you all should take one too. Yes, you should work on college applications and have your grades in tip top shape, but in no way does that mean you should put your needs aside as a human being and neglect your physical and mental health. Often, I find myself trying to do it all, striving for perfection, but you have to set aside time for self care.

Here’s some ways I tend to de-stress and relax:

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