Into the Computer-verse: What are my options?

By Jaadyyah Shearrion  
Hello everyone! Today I want to dive into what exactly is the Computer Science field. As some of you may know, I want to study CS in college and I wanted to help shed some light on the different options available within the field. 

Computer engineering 

If you like a more hands-on life then you would love the Computer Engineering path. Computer Engineering is the hardware side of the Computer Science field. If you have a vendetta against your computer because it doesn’t have enough dedicated RAM to run your Minecraft server, Computer Engineering studies can help you through that problem. This major also involves Electrical Engineering, which means that if you were to study Computer Engineering, you would also learn about how wiring and electricity plays a part in everyone’s computer. Depending on what school you go to, you could even get some experience building robots! 

Computer Science

This website that you are reading this on was created by a Computer Scientist! The creation of websites is a really cool aspect of CS. The whole major entails being able to problem-solve and employ technical skills. The skills I’ve been taught in this field include coding, creating a video game, and looking into how AI works. I personally have made my own game using the game engine Unity, which is fairly basic, but has some complex functionality. I even started to look at a concept called neural networks, which is a large part of AI systems. 

Information Technology

Do you ever wonder how those pesky hackers end up getting your information? Well, information technology (I.T.) deals with this side of the computer science world. I.T. also encompasses data collection and sometimes can be combined with a business degree. Cyber Security is a field that is always changing because we humans keep creating more technology, which makes some systems vulnerable. With an Information Technology degree, you could get a job as a server manager, in which you take control of the networks that house people’s information, a company’s information, or cloud information. You could even be a maintenance person who deals with the hardware side of computers, such as a Microsoft or Apple Technician who could remotely fix someone’s device. 

If you are interested in any of these, you should pursue your passion. In addition to doing research at your school’s specific program, you should also look into ways to get some hands-on experience before you arrive as well.