Higher Ed Marketing with Social Media

HigherEd Marketing with Social Media

These days, your incoming students have grown up with the internet, smartphones and social media. Research shows that high school students today spend much of their time on social media. Some students have even admitted they don’t have an email address.

In order to keep up with the times, colleges have to stay current. In order to set yourself apart, you should communicate with students via social media. The millennial generation doesn’t want to jump through hoops so coming to to them will make the whole process easier.

We have the tips to keep you current from college admissions officers like you!

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Tips for Recruiting First Generation Students Part 1

1st generation students

Who are first generation students?
First-generation students make up 30% of all college students. 24% of all college students are first-generation as well as low income (University Business). Some have parents who support their plans for higher education; others are under family pressure to enter the workforce right after high school.

National Center for Education Statistics data shows that only 11% of low-income, first-generation students graduated within six years of starting.

To try to fix these inequities, we’ve compiled a list of tips colleges can apply when creating an initiative to recruit first generation students.

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