Making Yourself a Better College Candidate

By: Jay KC, CollegeFindMe Intern

If there is one thing all high schoolers can agree on, it is that everyone wants to be the best applicant for colleges and universities. We go to elementary school for middle school, middle school for high school, and finally high school for college. Of course, we want to go to the best college we can, so I am going to give you a few tips on ways to make yourself more appealing to colleges.

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Pura Vida – How to Make the Most Out of Your High School Opportunities!

By Jobed Elien, CollegeFindMe Intern

For many of you up and coming seniors this is the time to dive into the college process. Many of us will have to make decisions that will help further ourselves in the future. With only a couple weeks left in the last summer of your high school career there’s still a lot to be done. Take advantage of all the opportunities near you, so you can be more appealing to colleges.

I was blessed with an moment that not many students are given at their schools. I was given the chance to go to the Osa Peninsula in Costa Rica for eight days to help improve the community there. I wanted to go to Costa Rica to understand the high level biodiversity; in Massachusetts, we do not have as much as Costa Rica in our environment. I also wanted to learn about the Costa Rican culture because there are many differences between Haitian and Costa Rican culture. I hoped to better understand who I am as a person and understand a culture I am not accustomed too. I also wanted to implement another cultures’ beliefs into my lifestyle. Plus, I wanted to understand how biodiversity has an impact on every Costa Rican that lives in the Osa Peninsula, and know that we helped these people with something that is special to them.

The community needed help to improve tourism.We had different tasks to complete each day such as building speedbumps, sensory pathways, and collecting cameras that were capturing pictures of the wildlife. All these tasks would help make their environment an attraction to tourists and help their community. The roadblocks were made to help kids and adults feel safer. We had to make cement and road signs that had a speed limit. We also used the rest of the cement to fill in other potholes on the road. Another big project was the sensory pathway which allows tourists to interact with nature if they aren’t able to go into the rainforest. To do so we collected logs, sand, rocks, and plants to build a pathway that could help people understand the nature in the Osa Peninsula. We had to set up cameras and collect them a few days later to help display to people the wildlife in the rainforest. This helped them know if the ecosystem was in equilibrium.  Now after doing all this service I felt as though I made an impact on their community. It was great knowing that I was able to help the Costa Rican people even if I didn’t have much knowledge on the activities we were doing. But it was great to be reassured that my efforts made a huge impact on their community.

An aspect I will keep with me as I transition into my senior year is to keep an open mind, because there are many different things in life that I will have to deal with that I may not understand or agree with. But if I deal with these situations with an open mind, I can have a better outcome. In Costa Rica many people had to deal with new people in their environment, but instead of pushing us away they accepted us, and that allowed us to produce some great work. After many hours of work the leaders of each service would thank us with their beautiful smiles and hugs. Before playing a fun soccer match with the community they took time to tell us how much they appreciated the help we’ve given to pursue their goals. They told us how we would never be forgotten. Along with this beautiful speech they gave all of us a gift that they thought resembled ourselves on this trip. Seeing their community appreciate the environment around them made me realize that they’re richer than most people think, and that all comes from how a person views life.


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Take advantage of school breaks with these tips!

By Wiener Douyon, CollegeFindMe Intern

Your time has come!

College is near. Your college list is almost finalized. Senior year is around the corner, and the time for applying to colleges has begun. There are many things that you could do for the remainder of the summer*. Whether it’s an internship, community service, or even working, these upcoming school breaks are crucial as you apply to all sorts of colleges in the fall. This blog will consist of my summer journey as a rising senior, and opportunities (both local and national). You can use these tips to not only enhance your summer (and school breaks) to one that exceeds greatness itself but will also make you more appealing as you apply for colleges in the fall.

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Finding Perspective

by Pilli Cruz, CollegeFindMe Intern

As my thoughts roam to college and what will become the beginning of a new life, I have started to reflect on my most recent experiences. Most specifically this summer. For late June and most of July, I took four of my best friends and embarked on a European adventure. We backpacked through five cities; London, Paris, Amsterdam, Copenhagen, and Hoor (Sweden).  

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How To De-Stress from College Applications

By high school intern, Simarn Regmi

Hey everyone, its intern number 3,234 haha, just kidding. After finally applying to my dream school and some early deadline colleges, I FEEL GOOD. I say that one minute and then quickly realize I spoke too soon considering the workload I get from my three AP classes this semester. However, I did take a break from college stuff for about two weeks, and I think you all should take one too. Yes, you should work on college applications and have your grades in tip top shape, but in no way does that mean you should put your needs aside as a human being and neglect your physical and mental health. Often, I find myself trying to do it all, striving for perfection, but you have to set aside time for self care.

Here’s some ways I tend to de-stress and relax:

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High School Senior Year

By Simarn Regmi

If I was given a dollar for every time someone asked me, “Where are you thinking of applying?”, I would probably only have about $1000, but that’s besides the point. As I get ready for fall of senior year, the pressure is building up; going on college tours (trying to find the perfect fit), taking the SAT’s for the millionth time, working on my college essay, applying for scholarships, filling out the common application, this list could go on forever. Even writing out this list gives me anxiety, and makes this process even more surreal.

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Your Passion Can Earn College Scholarships

Sometimes as a high school student you might see your passions as only just hobbies. You have a lot of school work do to, organizations you’re involved in and exams to study for. So your parents encourage you to study hard for school so you can get into a good college. Studying is important but it’s not the be all, end all. Often your passions can lead you to great jobs that will help you finance your degree while in college!

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