The Major Decision: What Should You Study?


By Wiener Douyon, CollegeFindMe Intern

Major What?

The question that any senior could ponder for hours is a simple one:

“What do you want major in?”

There are so many possibilities that it may seem like you’re dealing with Quantum Physics. However, this will in no way cement your future. Besides, who knows what they will focus on for the rest of their lives? Just like how you are always changing and growing, so are your interests and passions.

So, instead of agonizing over a decision that may change in a couple of weeks, focus on what you are passionate about now.

This guide will help you figure out which major is right for you. Let’s begin!

It’s not Rocket Science… Right?

In many ways, choosing a major is almost as hard as finding the best-fit college. That’s because deciding on a major is linked with finding your purpose. Only prodigies can determine their purpose in their senior year of high school.  So let’s redefine what a major is. Instead of treating it like our destinies, let’s say that it is your field of interest. Some interests may include Aeronautics, Food Technology, and Material Science.  

Major Keys Alert!

By believing that majors are basically areas of interest, all you have to do is to find what you like to do. Here are thought-starters to get over mental blocks.

  • Atmosphere
    • Do you enjoy working in a team? Are you the most efficient and determined in a group? This tip is more about how you function and which type of environment you would thrive in. This is important because it satisfies your need and allows you to really take to account which aspects you want in a career.
  • Work Type
    • Are you a cubicle, office type or an outdoors person? Depending on your answer, you may want to choose a major in the sciences or arts as they will attract employers that enable travel and working in areas that are not in office environments.
  • Job Availability
    • You want to make sure that your major will help you get jobs that are available. For example, majors in Computer Science will be much more in demand than other majors focused on Railroad Engineering. Try choosing a major that can adapt to whatever is needed in the future.
  • Salary
    • Do not follow the common pathway. Many students choose their major that will pay them the highest salary. Remember, your happiness is important too. Do not compromise high salary with happiness. Always follow your heart, even if money is not there at first.
    • College is a significant investment to make the most out of the experience. Take different courses. Take part of different clubs and activities on campus. However, There are many options out there. It does not have to be the typical medical or political careers. Try searching for “Hidden Jobs with High Salaries.”

Final ‘Major’ Note:

Always refer to this decision as “Impending” or “In-Progress.” This plays little in the bigger scheme of things. A degree in History can get you a career as a social worker and a career in the FBI could be available to those with a Communications degree. You are always evolving. So go off and find your field of interest.

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