CollegeFindMe Tips on Being an Upperclassmen

By Jay KC

My life as an upperclassman has consisted of stressing, no sleeping, and procrastinating. Let me just say; this is not the way to go about being an upperclassman. Although it has turned out fine for me so far, my health isn’t the best. That is why I am going to give you guys some advice on how to be a better upperclassman than I.

Planning Everything Out

As an upperclassman, time is a valuable and precious thing. There will be a ton of stuff you have to plan and time for: studying, working, volunteering, etc. As an upperclassman, the amount of school work mixed with all these additional tasks makes it feel like you have no time at all. That is why you need to stay focused and keep track of what you have planned. You want to miss volunteering one day because you forgot to do studying last night. It is the worst feeling to be behind and having to make things up. A great way to do that is using a planner or a calendar. They lay out and remind you of everything that is upcoming for you.


Staying Off of Social Media

Almost everyone uses some form of social media regularly and every day. There is nothing wrong with social media, but it eats up a lot of time with ease. There are moments where I feel like I’m on Snapchat for five minutes, but in reality, I was on it for an hour. That is why you need to learn when to use your social media and when not to use it. That is why I recommend staying off social media. You don’t want to lose your time scrolling and browsing through feeds when you could be studying or doing homework instead. The best way to avoid social media is turning off your phone to do work. It helps incentive you not to use it.


Getting Ready for College

As a 10th grader, one of the last things on your mind was likely college. I mean at that point it was three years away, and it felt like it was never going to come. As an upperclassman, it means that college is a maximum of two years away. That means you need to start getting ready for applying to college which involves a lot. It’s time to start planning college tours, thinking about college essay topics, and looking at requirements some of your colleges have. Especially if you are an art student, you need to start getting your portfolio ready to send to colleges. A great way to do this is to start outlining your essay, going on college tours, and looking at your colleges’ additional requirements. At CollegeFindMe, we can help you with your essays and college tours throughout essay editing and live campus tours. Make sure you check it out!


Studying for the SAT/ACT

Standardized testing was the last thing on my mind as I entered my upperclassman years, but that was a big mistake. I always felt like it was something that was far away. Unfortunately, it snuck up on me, and I was unprepared. Do not let what happened to me happen to you, so check out our blog on how to study for the SAT and ACT.  


Taking it All In

Being an upperclassman is something you should enjoy, not something you hate with a passion. It may seem like it easy to end up hating it because of all the test, quizzes, and deadlines, but being an upperclassman truly has the potential to be one of the best times of your life. You have no adult-like responsibilities like taxes, mortgages, and insurances, and you get to hang out with all your close friends. Take it all in while you get the chance because times flies and before you know it, you are holding those adult-like responsibilities.


Remember, being an upperclassman might stress you out a lot, and that is normal. But make sure you take it one step at a time or the stress of it all can catch up to you. It is supposed to be a time you enjoy, not one that makes you wish that it is all over.  

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